I am lucky to have had a fruitful career as a rock artists for many years.
My most treasured accomplishments are the release of 6 rock albums over the years and more to come…
SomethingWhile Cosco has strutted his vocal prowess with (many) bands…this…will certainly please longtime fans. • Jeff Cosco Don Mancuso Stuff from years/beers ago – This collection of songs comes from the days when Don and I could just hang around all day and call another bunch of musicians who could just hang around all day. • Rred Heart Bridge – This CD marks the first time Don Mancuso, Ron Rocco and I teamed up to write and record since Cheater. •  The Shakes – good straight head rock and blues, performed by a great group of incredible musicians. • Jeff Cosco and Times Square – When a rock singer from the streets hooks up with producer and co-writer Jeff Tyzik, accomplished world renowned musician, writer, arranger and Philharmonic conductor, this happens • Cheater 1983 – Only released in Northeast USA, yet incredible reports have come from all over the world.

COMING JUNE 28, 2024
8 From Raleigh

Something – 2006
My Albums - Something
The Shakes – 1992
My Albums - The Shakes

Jeff Cosco & Don Mancuso – 2005
My Albums - Jeff Cosco Don Mancuso - Stuff from years/beers ago

Times Square – 1989
My Albums -Jeff Cosco and Times Square

Rred Heart Bridge – 1999
My Albums - Rred Heart Bridge

Cheater – 2004
My Albums - Cheater 1983

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