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Hi! I’m Jeff Cosco.
I am originally from the great little town of East Rochester, a little suburb of Rochester, NY. I grew up all around the picturesque Finger Lakes area. I am now a transplanted yankee to the beautiful City of Raleigh, NC.
I have traveled all over the United States, the greatest country in the world, as a performer, singer and recording artist. I have just finished my seventh album and am honored to say my music sells all over the world!
I have owned bars, restaurants and many other small business. I’ve done a little of everything in my life and it’s all right here on this little piece of the internet called “my website.” Thank you for exploring what I do!

Jeff Cosco - 15 Years old country band pic    

Cheater Before 1983Cheater 1983
Cheater live!

I am lucky to have had a fruitful career as a rock artists for many years. My voice has been heard on numerous recordings and in thousands of performances with my bands across the country. My career includes the release of 7 albums over the years.
International/National ad campaigns and program music have featured my voice for television and radio by DISNEY, HBO and many local and national advertising agencies for over 30 years.
I am proud to say I have performed with Lou Gramm (Foreigner), Lew Soloff (Blood, Sweat and Tears), Glenn Medieros, Gene Cornish (The Rascals), Carmine and Vinny Appice, The Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, Cheater, Red Heart, Jeff Cosco and Times Square, The Shakes and more…

At 14 years old I performed in country/southern rock and lounge bands around the Finger Lakes area of New York State. It wasn’t until I was 18 that I moved back to East Rochester, a suburb of Rochester, NY (originally born there) and started looking for the right musicians to form a rock band. My pursuit was accomplished with the formation of CHEATER!
CHEATER took the Northeast United States by storm with incredible live shows and the release of TEN CENT LOVE AFFAIR in 1980, a 4 song EP on Amherst Records in Buffalo, NY. Over 10,000 copies were sold in the first weeks of its release, gaining the attention of the major labels. The much sought after band performed 345 live shows in one year! It wasn’t meant to be though. The band disbanded with almost legendary status to the people and in the towns that packed houses for them.

Cheater late 80'sJeff Cosco and Times Square

Jeff Cosco and James RichmondThe Shakes

The break up of CHEATER lead the way to many bands and solo projects for me. In 1988, while working with internationally known producer/songwriter/conductor and recording artist Jeff Tyzik, I formed JEFF COSCO AND TIMES SQUARE. A self-titled album was released in 1989. The much more pop/rock sound introduced me to an even bigger following of listeners and, again, national interest. I was still not able to obtain a national recording contract though, which led to some more experimentation with my music.
In 1992 I formed the short-lived band THE SHAKES, with some great musicians and friends. With Jeff Tyzik producing, once again the self released, self-titled album was a local success. The tongue-in-cheek, fun, rock and blues album was another extension of my writing style.

Now a father and nightclub owner, I started the company HEART SONG, with longtime friend and THE SHAKES band member, James Richmond. We performed on radio station morning shows in almost every major city in the United States, singing and writing personalized songs for thousands of people.
In 1999, with long-time friends and ex CHEATER members, Don Mancuso and Ron Rocco, we decided to co-write a new album together. RED HEART released the album Rred Heart. My ever faithful fan base supported me again.

Red HeartJeff after 2000

Cosco Gladstone CoscoJeff Cosco & Cindy Sams

In the years to follow, I enjoyed many performances with old friends and new friends in Rochester, NY, and surrounding areas. The devastating murder of my friend and local radio show DJ, Unkle Rog (Roger McCall), at Christmas-time in 2003, brought me back to the studio to release the single “You Shine” in his honor. It also spawned a reunion of CHEATER for a concert in memory of Unkle Rog. Previously unreleased songs by CHEATER, produced by Nick Blagona (Roger Glover, Pink Floyd, Rainbow), were finally mastered after 20 years. CHEATER 1983 is still selling all over the world.

2005 brought a collection of never released recordings by the songwriting team of Don Mancuso and I, STUFF FROM YEARS BEERS AGO!

My long awaited solo album SOMETHING was released to my ever faithful fan-base in 2006, a mix of Americana, rock, blues and country/folk. The internet allowed my albums to be heard by people across the globe.

2023 started a new chapter for me! Thanks for still listening and following along:

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