Title : 8 From Raleigh
Release Date : June 28, 2024

8 From Raleigh

1. Feeling Free 3:12
Feeling Free
video | lyrics
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2. Dance Through It 4:34
Dance Through Itvideo | lyrics
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3. Keep Dreaming 4:20
Keep Dreaming
vide | lyrics
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4. Across The Blue 3:45
Across The Blue
video | lyrics
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5. The Fall? 3:23
The Fall
video | lyrics
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6. Didn’t Mean To Say It 3:00
Didn't Mean To Say It
video | lyrics
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7. The Other Side 4:25
The Other Side
video | lyrics
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8. Switching To Jack 3:33
Switching To Jack
video | lyrics
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In June of 2023, after almost 6 years, I started writing again . When the inspiration returned, it came at me like a tidal wave!  Suddenly, songs were coming to me so fast, I couldn’t keep up with recording the demos! It was a major rush to have that passion back. I decided that I would do a world wide release of a new single every 5 weeks. That has been working great! Releasing music is a totally different method than it was in the days of my early albums. so it was a hell of an undertaking!  I even release my own videos for most of the singles. The problem is that I have so many songs that if I waited every five weeks the songs would get old to me before I can release them, thus, this album.
I LOVE THIS ALBUM because it was the most free I have ever felt while creating songs!
With the album’s fusion of genres, I wanted to create a thrilling ride, blending elements of rock, pop, folk and life. I  wanted to give you a unique listening  experience that would make you eager for more.
You will hear all my influences in these songs. So yeah, you’ll hear stuff reminiscent of other artists. I don’t care! They are my songs, and I am not hiding my influences. Right from the opening song “Feeling Free”, I will tell you, yes, the pun is intended.
Play it loud and often and thank you for still being there.  ~Jeff
All songs written and composed by Jeff Cosco Copyright ©2024 ASCAP Jeff Cosco • Backing vocals by Cindy Sams Cosco • Produced by Jeff Cosco • Recorded and mixed at OF Studio, Raleigh, NC • Photo contribution by: Roger Winstead, Pixabay Artists -Lee, Alexa, Airam Datboon, Tomislav Jakupec and PixLoger • Art Design: Jeff Cosco • Videos created at OF Studio, Raleigh, NC



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