Come Back

words and music written by
©2023 Jeff Cosco ASCAP 

We didn’t start strong but we’re gonna finish it
We’re getting up, watch us rise
Everybody better step back ‘cause we’re about to blow
Yeah it’s time for us to show  

We’re gonna come back
You can’t keep us on the ground
This is our come back
we will turn this thing around
We’re gonna come Back
No, you will never keep us down
Come back
We will rise, we will wear the crown  

We’ve been here before, counted out
We know just what we have to do
In the street there is no losing, just like out on the field
No we will never yield 

 We’re gonna come back
can’t keep us on the ground 

Come back
We’re gonna turn this thing around
Come back, Woah, Yeah, Oh oh come back 

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