Why Should I?

words and music written by
Jeff Cosco ©1992 ASCAP

I’m sick of your lies, screwed up alibis
I’ve heard it all before
Now you show me your tears, and you tell me your fears
You tell me you’ve changed, but I’ll think it over, wooh

So you say that you’ve changed, your priorities rearranged
You’re not that same little girl who ran away
Well what am I supposed to do, just believe its all true?
I don’t know baby, but I’ll think it over

Why should I take a chance on you
After all the pain you put me through
Why should I take a chance on you
Why should I take a chance on you

So I guess it’s up to me, what’s it gonna be?
Am I feeling lucky today?
Oh am I ready for pain, will it be the same
I don’t know girl, I’ll think it over

Well maybe you love me, maybe you don’t
Or maybe you’ll use me, or maybe you won’t
I don’t know if I’m ready, for round two
The way you mess with my head, what am I supposed to do?
Hey yeah yeah

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