When That Train Comes

words and music written by Jeff Cosco
© 2006 Jeff Cosco, GFI Music ASCAP

I’ve cleared my doubts, I see my dreams
Right before my eyes
I’ve learned well, the mysteries
Untangling the lies

When I see in black and white, I quickly find the grays
Behind them is where the colors hide, when I clear the haze,

“When that train comes, and yes I know it will
I’ll climb aboard and still
Keep an open heart and soul
When that train comes I’ll hear that whistle blow.
I’m sure that I will know
Which way to go when that train comes”

I gave in so easily
Temptation won the fight
But the fruit was bittersweet
I’ll do what is right

For those of who care for me, thank you for your belief
’Cause I love and believe in all of you, join me in relief,

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