words and music written by Jeff Cosco
© 1999 Jeff Cosco ASCAP

Yeah, I could chase you, make believe I think your way
Yeah I could taste you, but once it’s all peeled away
Sweet on the outside, but hollow in the core
I could have it, but won’t have any more

Hanging’ at the country club, got another body rub
Your stepping out, stepping down, I’m another lost and found
We don’t even breath the same, you’re all wrapped in cellophane
I’m a street with city noise; you’re a boulevard with toys
I wouldn’t lie to you; there’s nothing there to hold
Maybe a time or two, but if the truth be told
If I lied to you, the moment would be kind
But even with the clues, there’s really nothing to find

Yeah I could chase you, I know you want it that way
Could liberate you, from your self accepted tyranny

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