Show Me

words and music written by
Jeff Cosco, Jeff Tyzik, B. Trojan ©1989 ASCAP

Darling, I can’t stop thinking of you
You’re on my mind all the time
But maybe you don’t think at all about me
I know I hear you say the words, but I’ve heard it all before
When I look into your eyes there’s a mystery
But when your in my arms, you can’t hide from me

You talk of love, what are you made of show me
Don’t say a word, heard all those love lies before
Know you’re in love, don’t be afraid to show me
Open your heart, give me what I’m waiting for

Girl, your always talking a good game
But when the playing starts your making your own rules
Oh, I can’t hold on forever
If you don’t show me now, you’ve just thrown it all away
Talking ain’t gettin’ us nowhere
I want you in my arms, where you can’t run from me

Oh, if your in love

You know this is it, don’t be afraid to show me
No, don’t hesitate, I just might slip away

Oh, you talk of love,
You talk of love, that’s what I’m thinking, So show me

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