Rock This Town

words and music written by
Jeff Cosco, Jeff Tyzik, Dave Cohen ©1989 ASCAP

Another long cold night, I’m headed where the streets are bright
Where the lights on when the sun goes down
I remember standing here, all our dreams seem so clear
The neighbors called it noise, oh I need the boys

Yeah we knew we had it figured out, we knew what it was all about,
and the phone rang sometimes it rang off the wall
The people knew what we had and man I tell you we were glad
‘Cause it all worked out as if we planned it

Such a simple life, such a simple plan,
Trying to play the best we can
And rock this town woah, rock this town, ooh rock this town

We were young and we were bold, never doing what we’re told
We played way to loud but we played it proud
And everybody knew our name, yeah we learned to play the game
Then the word got around to the other towns
They said c’mon boys sign right here, you can be a star this year
And they weren’t wrong, it didn’t even take that long

It all seems so long ago, I can’t forget that very first show
It started here, “Remember boys?”
Right inside those four walls you can here the echo in the halls
Ringing out and ringing proud

C’mon Let’s rock this town, rock this town…
Yeah, we’re rocking. just like in the old songs they used to say it
Hang on Sloopy, Sloopy hang on yeah, yeah…

Rock this town…

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