Old Shoes

words written by
 © 1999 Jeff Cosco ASCAP

After all that I’ve got one thing to say
You’re reaching for a star and that’s ok
I hope you’re gonna find it in your own way
Maybe that’s two things I had to say

Going down a dangerous road
Living in the past
Carrying a heavy load
Your back ain’t gonna last
Find a new horizon, not a path you’ve been through
‘Cause nothing good can come from wearing those old shoes

You can ramble for hours about what you used to be
Never realizing it’s the you now I see
Someone should tell you but it can’t be me
It’ll go in one ear and out the other, I’ve tried you see

The clouds of all your torment are blocking the sun
You can’t even see the new rising one
Everything is covered with Ivy can’t be undone
Shake off those webs of steel and those re-runs

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