I’m Trying

words and music written by
Jeff Cosco ©1992 ASCAP

When I was just a boy, I’d hear that alarm clock ringing
If I didn’t get up, my mama’d come in swinging
See mom and dad they had this golden rule
Ain’t no son of mine gonna skip school
Well I’d close my eye’s for just a second, I ain’t lyin’
hear my mama yell “get up boy!”
say mama I’m trying

I’m trying, yes I really am
I’m trying, aw but you don’t understand
It never works out and I don’t know why
Things go wrong no matter how hard I try

Then I got a little bit older…

Friday rolls around, I’m standing in line
I’m waitin’ for that check, I’ve done my time
My baby’s waiting home for me to bring the bread
But the boss handed me a pick slip instead
Unemployment say’s “that bull we ain’t buying
Go out and get a job”
I said man I’m trying

Bartender said last call so I stumble out the bar
I finally find the keys to start my car
I’m crawling down the road trying to stay between the lines
Red lights flashing in my eyes
Policeman says “Boy you was really flyin’.
Let me see you walk this line”
I said man I’m trying

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