I’m Not Afraid

words and music written by
© 2006 Jeff Cosco, GFI Music ASCAP

On the surface it’s all so appealing
A smile, a wink, yes it’s all very good
I like what I see, I like what I’m feeling
I must be happy, at least it feels like I should,

Yeah, do you see in me, all you desire
Do you feel I can give you what you need
Is what’s burning an eternal fire
It’s always so damn hard to believe

Please excuse me if you see hesitation
My past is not the best to draw confidence from
I’ve felt the flip side the devastation
I know it’s not fair, ‘cause what is done is done

When the bell tolls, I’ve got no control, it’s just time to go, this I know
But when I’m with you, I know what I’ve gotten into
When my time is up, I’ll drink the cup, and say how do you do
But you can tear my heart in two
I’m not afraid of dyin’, I’m afraid of cryin’

As you can tell, my approach is quite leaning
I’ve found a straight line is not always the way
So if you’re going to hear all that I’m meaning
You’ll have to listen carefully to what I say

I know, that the phoenix rose from the fire
I know the beauty I watched him soar
But I can’t help but wonder
What the hell did he jump in there for.

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