words written by
Jeff Cosco ©2005 ASCAP

The summer moon is burning
My wheels are shining tonight
Kashmir is playing on the radio
The street is looking alright

Hey, what you gonna do tonight
I ask myself in the rearview mirror
Tired of the same old party sites
I throw the pedal to the floor and my head gets clearer

Gypsy, nothing’s gonna slow me down
Spirit of the Gypsy
Got no reason to stick around
Spirit of the Gypsy

Gotta feel a new wind blowing
The moon is growing pale
I’m choking on this old routine
Tomorrow is looking stale

Hah, If you wanna speak to me
I don’t have time to waste
Oh, come and chase my destiny
Throw the pedal to the floor before it’s too late

“The age old caravan, that wonders in the night
Is in my blood, like an ancient rite
I hear voices singing around the firelight
A Gypsy creed a Gypsy flight”

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