Going Through A Phase

words written by
Jeff Cosco ©1992 ASCAP

At fourteen I learned to rock
I found that girls liked that a lot
What a way to make a living
Smile at the girls and just keep singing

Hit eighteen and I was good
I did all those things I said I would
Most were bad I know
But it always felt so good

Early to bed, late to rise
What was her name, what was her size
Was she like all the others
Got to bury my head under the covers

Why oh why, am I always a fool
My oh my, why do I do the things I do
When will I, mend my foolish ways
I guess that I’m, just going through a phase

Twenty five I was a mess
Twenty six was under stress
Trying to find the pieces of this crazy puzzle
Lost in the jungle

Spending my money wasting time
Drowning in a sea of comprise
Making an empty promise
Knowing full well I wasn’t being honest

Suddenly I saw the light
What was wrong and what was right
It was just frustration
That’s amazing what a revelation

Do you think I’ll be alright
Do you have some inner sight
Do I have my head on straight
Or do you think it’s just to late

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