Elm Street And Vine

words and music written by
©2006 Jeff Cosco GFI Music ASCAP

Crazy night, cool summer night
I saw your golden hair in the street light
I tried to say it’ll be alright
You reached for me and I held you tight
You told me how he hurt you and asked me do hearts heal
I answered it mends slowly, ’cause I know how it feels

On the corner of Elm Street and Vine
Two shadows in the night two falling stars meeting
On the corner of Elm Street and Vine
A moment held in time
Love was two broken hearts beating

We didn’t say too much, you took my hand, a velvet touch
We walked through town, I thought of old times
Of old school days when you were mine
You turned to me and I touched your face
Your lips met mine your tears I taste
In the heat of the night, we made love wrong or right

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