Deeper Lyrics

from the album
The Shakes
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words and music written by
 ©1992 Jeff Cosco ASCAP

Yeah, yeah, yeah
I can feel it coming, coming up strong
The river is rising it won’t be long
It’s gonna take me under, Hey Hey
Your love is like the river come to take me away, yeah, ah hah yeah

Some time along the way, I’m not sure how
You turned into a lover that knocks me out
Everything you say makes me want you more
And everything you do throws me overboard

I’m getting deeper
Deeper in your love
Your filling me up and I can’t get enough
Deeper, the deeper I fall
The more push me under with your sweet sweet love

I’m a drowning man in this river of love
I can’t fight this feeling, the currents too rough
I’m a helpless man now can’t you see
Throw me a line, come and rescue me”

I’m getting deeper
Deeper in your love
The way you touch me baby, I can’t get enough
Deeper, I’m falling in
You’re taking me under again and again

You don’t stop for a minute, to let me get some air
keep washing me over yeah, you keep me there

Yeah, yeah, yeah uh huh, oh no no
yeah, yeah, woo
I’m getting deeper (deeper)
Deeper in your love
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, alright
Deeper, (deeper) deeper in your love
I’m getting deeper (deeper)
I’m falling in baby
oh, oh yeah yeah
Deeper, (deeper) deeper deeper, yeah


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