Can I Watch Football?

words and music written by
Jeff Cosco ©1992 ASCAP

Honey you know how much I love you I show you every day
From morning to nighttime I show you in every way
From Monday to Saturday I am your perfect man
I want to ask a favor lord and I hope you say I can

Can I watch football on Sunday with the boys down at the bar?
You’ll know right where I am I ain’t going too far
You can reach me by telephone I’ll be there all day
But please wait till half time I don’t wanna miss a play

Cleveland, Cincinnati, Buffalo, Tampa Bay
Pour me a light It’s gonna be a great day
In the corner of the end zone did he stay in bounds
Excuse me waitress can we have another round
San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, Houston,
Is there any more of those pretzels I sure could go for some
Oh honey don’t you know what a simple yes would mean to me
I’ll ask you again dear what’s it gonna be

San Diego, New Orleans, Seattle, Green Bay
Touchdown Pittsburgh but there’s a flag on the play
There ain’t nothing better than the boys hanging out
Watching football on the big screen there’s no doubt

Indianapolis, New England, New York, Kansas City
Two minute warning we’re getting down to the nitty gritty
Dallas inside the twenty will they pass or run
Are you gonna let me go won’t you tell me hon?

Philadelphia, Phoenix, Washington, L. A.
The quarterback’s getting up slow but he’s okay
Minnesota, Atlanta, Denver, Detroit.
It’s almost kickoff we gotta cut it short

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