words and music written by
© 1999 Jeff Cosco ASCAP

I will try, I will fight
I will hold, to what’s right
But I might never shine bright I might never generate light
I will hold up, I won’t fold up, I’m concrete

I’ve spent time, I’ve seen dreams
In all the rainbow colors it seems
I’ve taken chances, gone without
Beat death a couple of times I don’t doubt
But I don’t count it, and I won’t mount it
I just pray my soul to keep

“Don’t let me fall into the river you span
Keep your arms open as wide as you can
I know I’m asking quite a bit from you
But right now there’s nothing I can do, be my bridge”

Late at night, when I stare into the dark, my soul bare
Tossing and turning around in my head
Tearing the covers from my bed
I try not to feed, I won’t heed it
Just be there for me right now

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