Back Road

Back Road words written by Jeff Cosco ©1980 ASCAP

My life was laid out before I was born
Now I look back and the pages are torn
I had so much purpose, had so many goals
My heart felt thorns but my eyes saw a rose
“There’s a lot of if I hads and wish I hads
Now it’s time for a now I will”

The back road is so easy to see
I just look inside of me
But the future lies in the stars
Not in flop houses, used women, and bars

The roads been dusty, there’s a lot of sand in my shoes
There’s a lot of deep rivers without any clues
I can’t find that magic wand to show me the way
But it’s in my head that I’ll get through day by day
Good-bye back road for you are my past
I’m geared up for this four lane, my dye is cast

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