Rattle The Bones

words written by
Jeff Cosco ©2005 ASCAP

Step right up, see the expanding world
We’ll leave no stone unturned
Hey, open those closets, pull down the covers
Look at all that we have learned

Now get your tickets please, we’re gonna spin the wheel
Maybe you’re the one today
We’ll give you Forty-two minutes of prime time
Can you shock us with what you have to say

Rattle the bones, rattle the bones
open the closet
Rattle the bones, rattle the bones
Give us something to reveal
Rattle the bones, rattle the bones
it’s good for the ratings
Our pitiful lives, need your twisted appeal

We’re going to show you the lunatics of this world
We’ll hear their dirty deeds
‘Cause we want the details, we want the freaks
We’ll put this circus on TV

Now hurry please we don’t have much time
Before the commercial break
Why don’t you tell us what’s on your sick mind
Shock us, what do say?

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