Princess Of Darkness

words written by
Jeff Cosco ©2005 ASCAP

Woah yeah, you look so lonely, isn’t he treatin’ you right
If he’s your one and only, why you out tonight
There’s a full moon burnin’ a whole in the sky
A lonely howl, a distant cry

I know what you got on your mind
I know the evil, I know your kind

Searchin’ in the night, answering the call
An angel in the light, but the temptress when the night falls
Red Fire in your eyes, burnin so bright
The princess of darkness will prowl tonight

Oh, your so practiced at deception, you stalk out your prey
A body full of passion, you’ll take it anyway

I can’t take my eyes from you
Your evil spell just cuts right through,

…Red fire in your eyes, burnin’ so bright
The Princess of Darkness, where is she tonight

Your face is in my dreams, I wake up in a sweat
A feel a longing ache all over, yeah,
I can’t forget you
I’ve got to find you somehow, Woah

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