Call Of The Eagle

words and music written by
©2005 Jeff Cosco, Jeff Tyzik ASCAP

I can feel something changing
I can see the eagle fly
Standing on the mountains edge
I can look into it’s eyes
Standing at this cross road
I feel a shifting tide
Show me the path to follow
To fill this emptiness inside

Against the horizon you spread your golden wings
You know of the new life that the morning brings
This feeling inside, now I understand
I know there’s an answer for this restless man

“The call of the Eagle
It cries inside my soul
It’s the call of the wild
That I must follow
To every man’s heart the traveler is shown
To fly like the eagle to somewhere unknown”

Can’t say what’s ahead of me
I don’t know what I’ll find
But I’ve got to keep riding
Across the territory lines

A lonely traveler might pass through your town
In the night a silent rider somewhere he’s bound
If you look out your window against a moonlit sky
High above his head an eagle flies

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