Who Is She?

words and music written by
© 2006 Jeff Cosco, GFI Music ASCAP

She walks the tight rope, she knows no fear
Doesn’t mind the crowds, she’s completely safe here
She whistles happy tunes, she’s met the man on the moon
She is red berry red, she is blue berry blue

She is all she is, she is even more
The soil of the earth, a wave come to shore
She dances on clouds, she knows life on Mars
She washes off the dirt and never leaves a scar

Who is she? na na na na na
Who is she?

She can see for many miles, she can take away your fears
Create a million smiles, wipe a million tears
Never cause pain, she only knows love
She is all around us, below and above

She is the key to life, she holds the hands of time
She can see and hear it all, she is deaf and blind
Oh she heals all that hurts, she knows just what to say