words and music written by
Jeff Cosco ©1992 ASCAP

Oh Annalise, oh can’t you see
What your love has done to me
A simple man, is all I am
And only you could understand

No one before could open the door
To find the real me, oh Annalise

Oh Annalise, where would I be
If you hadn’t come into my life
Just a man on stage, living in a cage
I should have know right from the start

You never left a doubt, you could love me without
Stars in your eyes, oh Annalise

Every night, in the spotlight
Everybody sing a long
All this time, all this wasted time
Trying to find the one, I know you are the one

You’ve opened the door like no one else before
Annalise you are the sun, oh Annalise
Oh Annalise… I know you are the one