A designer sneaker and slip-on that doesn’t break the bank!

Not everybody is an athlete but we all are athletic!
We design athletic shoes that are not overpriced because of the name.
They are not overpriced because of their sport ability structure.
We designed a sneaker for us. We are all about comfort, look and everyday style!

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(“Indies” design pictured)
Slip-on canvas shoe – men/women
This Classic Slip-On Canvas Shoe is great for
day to night wear. Equipped with removable soft insoles and rubber outsoles, its easy on/off can be worn with all day comfort.

(“Indies” design pictured)
Athletic Canvas Shoe – men/women
A lace-up front, breathable lining and soft insole for optimal fit. you’ll have the support needed to look and feel good in your custom designed athletic Shoe.

(“Indies” design pictured)
Hightop Canvas Shoe –
Rock your custom made kicks on a trendy classic. Our Hightop Canvas Shoe is a minimalist sneaker but gives comfort for a day or edgy night look.


Breathable lining, soft insole | Elastic side accents | Padded collar, tongue | handmade | Upper: 100% Polyester, Canvas | Outsole: Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) rubber
Durable canvas upper, Spot clean only
Under $50!


We use 100% Recycled Packaging & Ethically Sourced Materials.

A reliable network of sustainable suppliers, in-house experts who craft every handmade product, and made-to-order business model
allows the manufacturing process to operate in a safe ethical manner with minimal environmental impact.

By eliminating order minimums and delivering made-to-order products.
The concentration is on quality of products we deliver, not the waste left behind.
Zero inventory and ethically sourced materials eliminates environmental risks by excess stock and mass production.

From choosing ethically sourced materials to selecting premier shipping partners, manufacturing takes their job very seriously.
Crafted from top-notch materials and work to ensure it is safe, ethical, and minimizes environmental impact.


The design is “a streak flying through with an explosion at the end!”
(At least that’s what we came up, you decide!)

 RELEASED – January 5, 2021

Our debut!
Our bud of ideas are now shoots!
RELEASED – January 10, 2021
Happy times to me
always point to the sea

RELEASED – January 15, 2021
Red Republican? Blue Democrat?
It’s all kind of gray.

RELEASED – February 5, 2021
It’s cool and dark in the shade.

NEWEST RELEASE! – April 5, 2021
With The Royal Family in the news so much lately. We had to!

NEXT RELEASE: November 5, 2021


Every sale helps rebuild our community.
We donate to “Rebuilding Together of The Triangle
Repairing homes, revitalizing communities, rebuilding lives.