Nickels And Dimes

words and music written by
Copyright ©2006 Jeff Cosco, GFI Music ASCAP

Lonny, was a friend of mine
I’d buy him things all the time
He’d look at me with that confused look in his eyes
I can never get it straight he’d say, can you tell me once more today
Which one’s the nickel, which one’s the dime

He always knew, he could always see
So much more than I
He understood the heart and the soul
That’s so much compared to nickels and dimes

He never had too much to say
But his point was made in his own way
There were so many things that he would never understand
It never seemed to bother him, I could see inside his grin
That he held the real truths inside

There’s a stone beside a grave
Of a little man who passed away
Who in life had a far away look in his eyes
Lonny’s back where he came from, he left behind a sweet, sweet song
And I sit counting nickels and dimes