Jeff Cosco and Don Mancuso Stuff From Beers/Years Ago – 2005

Jeff Cosco and Don Mancuso

Title : Stuff From Beers/Years Ago
Release Date : May 30, 2005

This collection of songs comes from the days when Don and Jeff could just hang around all day and call another bunch of musicians who could just hang around all day. Why? …to write and record ideas that later might become a song! …and yes drink a few beers along the way. This is just a very small sample of songs from those days. Some are rough, some are live and some have a little polish on them but they all are representative of a great bunch of talent and fun. In the years these songs were written they would never be released unless shopped and accepted by a major record company. Today’s technology allows music like this to be released in whatever amount of copies are needed! Please enjoy yourself and have fun with some retro rock that isn’t really retro rock! It’s the real thing!


1. Call Of The Eagle Lyrics
2. Gypsy Lyrics
3. Princess Of Darkness Lyrics
4. I’ll Keep Rollin’ Lyrics
5. Rattle The Bones Lyrics
6. Mary, Merry-Go-Round Lyrics
7. Winds Of Love Lyrics
8. JD Philosophy Lyrics