Riding with Ron Rocco was always an experience.

First of all I must tell you Ron is one of the best rock drummers worldwide, as far as I’m concerned. He has one gear, “OVERDRIVE!”

Also, I know we are all grown up now, but I can’t still help calling him “Ronny” not “Ron” so I will.

In the Cheater days it always seemed that it was Ronny and I that were still rocking away, long after the show, into the small hours of the morning. When we were local, I would ride home with him, because everybody else was smart and were gone by now.

He had an AMC AMX. I’m not sure what year it was but I know that the AMX was only built from 1968 until 1970 so put it somewhere in there. Also, the American Motor Company no longer exists. It was AMC’s version of a sports car and it lived up to its name. It boogied right along.

It also got about 2 and a half miles to the gallon… and Ronny never had gas in it… never…really…never!

We were going home from a show in Bloomfield, NY one night, Bloomfield is not exactly a metropolis and is not near any either. We were on a back road heading into Victor, NY when Ronny said, “Oh S*. I think we are out of gas”

Yup. We were. He pulled over to the side of the road.

It was just about dusk and for as far as I could see up and down both sides of the road was…nothing. Nothing but farm land. It was a cold ass night. Walking for a few or more miles was going to suck! (There was no such thing as a car phone or cell phone in those days.) So I said, “Let’s get walking.”

Ronny replied, “No, don’t worry. Just wait. I am really lucky when it comes to this stuff. Somebody will be by to help, Trust me.”

I asked him if he was crazy. I knew the chances of anybody driving by at this hour of the morning out here on these back roads was slim to none for at least another few hours. I sat there a bit, not liking Ronny at all, and building up my courage to brave the cold night.

A few minutes went by.

As I started to get out of the car, I looked across the field on my side and saw what looked like headlights off in the distance near what I could now see was a farmhouse. As I watched it, the lights were getting bigger. I think the damn thing is coming in our direction!

Another minute passed and it became clear it was a freakin’ tractor and it WAS coming right to us, through the field!

A few minutes later Good Samaritan Farmer John pulled up to the fence between us. “Outa gas?” He said.

We replied that we were. He pulled a gas can out of the back of his tractor and poured it into the car’s gas tank. We thanked him a dozen times and we were on our way.

All I could do was laugh. Ronny just smiled with an “I told you so look” on his face.
I couldn’t believe that guy drove all the way across his field to help two long hairs in a sports car on the side of the road.
Maybe there was something to that “Luck” thing Ronny had said he had.

Sometime later it was Ronny and I again, partying through the night and headed back from somewhere on the west side of Rochester, NY. I asked Ronny, if he had put gas in the car recently. His smile said of course not.

Sure enough, here came that spitting and sputtering sound of no gas as we limped off to the side of the road. Before I could say a word Ronny reminded me of his luck and not to worry.

It wasn’t as cold outside this time, so I relaxed a bit before my long walk.

Then, a pick-up truck pulled up behind us and we got out. We told him we were out of gas.

To my amazement, the guy says that he has to get to work and can’t be late so… get this…


Are you S*ing me! This guy is giving his truck to us. Once again I remind you…two long hairs…in a sports car…that he doesn’t know at all!

We did as he said. We filled his tank also and left a thank you note.

I still to this day am amazed at what an incredible human being this guy had to be to let total strangers take his truck.

As far as Ronny’s luck? I became a believer.

How do you know me?

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    1. Thanks again Jerry. I am very honored that you are reading my stories! Also, I stay out of all politics whether it be local or national. I keep my opinions to myself, although I will go out on a limb this one time and say that I 100% agree with your stance on RMHF, You don’t get rattled, you just stay on point. Run for Mayor! LOL!

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