Not Portabella…

Not Portabella…

There was a major event happening in Buffalo, NY and I attended. I believe it was that years Buffalo Music Awards, although I can’t remember what year it was. Not only did I attend but so did every Buffalo musician and band at the time… and there was a lot of them!

I won’t sugarcoat this. I did a lot of drugs. Everything I’ve ever done in life, I have done it to its fullest. I’m not proud, but drugs was one of them. Having said that, I assure you I went totally clean in 1986.

This event was quite a bit before 1986.

Everybody who was anybody in the music business and all of the fans and party animals of Buffalo were there! Probably around a thousand people alone, were standing around in the parking lot of the venue before the show, as they watched us bands and other celebrities arrive.

I decided to hang out in the parking lot with the crowd for a while because frankly, I was too high to go inside yet. It was a rare night and day off. I had been partying all day, alcohol and cocaine were my usual “go to.”

Today I had decided to throw mushrooms in the mix. …No, not the kind on your pizza…. psilocybin mushrooms, or just “shrooms as we would have said.

I was very animated and hyped up. Everything looked strange, and I couldn’t calm down. It was actually highly entertaining to the fans and friends hanging around. They had no idea of my condition, they just thought I was being hilarious! (I could usually cover well)

As I continued with my hilarity, (oy) I saw a friend of mine pulling in with his Pontiac Trans Am.

The friend was Myron Sharvon. A great guy and a great musician. I have wonderful memories of us hanging around!

As he came into the parking lot I noticed Billy Sheehan and Dave Constantino where in the car with him.

Billy, Dave and Paul Varga were the band “Talas.” They were monsters in western New York and the surrounding areas. Billy Sheehan was on his way to becoming the best known and best bass player in the world! He has played with many national acts, many incredible musicians and is a staple in every musician magazine you read. This was before all that though, the world didn’t know what we knew yet.

As Myron drove in with Billy in the front seat and Dave in the backseat. I suddenly had a “silly-cybin” mushroom moment!

I have no idea why I did it. It just popped in my head and sounded like a great idea! The car looked all shiny and vibrating (mushrooms…).

I ran straight at the front of the moving Trans Am and completely ran up on the hood …across the top of the car  ….and off the back. Never breaking stride, never falling and immediately erupted into laughter standing in the parking lot on the other end of the car.

I thought I was freakin’ hilarious… I was cooler than a polar bear’s butt… I was awesome. That was so intense, I…I…

I was an A*hole is what I was.

Try telling me that at the time though! People cheered! People laughed. People loved it!

Myron, Billy and Dave did not love it!

Billy and Dave got out and just looked at me with a look I will never forget. “What an A*hole!” is what it said. …Myron?…god bless him. He could have killed me right then and there and no one would have blamed him.
He just said, “WHAT THE F*!!”

I began to realize, through my foggy brain, which was making me feel much too damn happy, …that I had just made a big ass of myself. Also, I then realized what that crunching sound was that I heard under my foot as I ran over the car….Yup that would be the “hood scoop” …totally destroyed.

It took me awhile to stop hysterically laughing at what ,in my condition, was the funniest coolest thing in the world. (In my condition a blade of grass would have been the funniest thing in the world).

I finally started to comprehend the situation and realized I owe some apologies for being… well…me at that time!

Myron was awesome. He gave me time to pay for the damaged hood scoop. He also still remained my friend!

I think Billy and Dave still think I’m an A*hole to this day.

Sorry guys. (I still feel the need to apologize after all these years!)

These days a crazy night of partying with drugs is caffeine in my Coca Cola and grilled, marinated portabella mushroom on a hard roll!

How do you know me?

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  1. Bro, love your transparency and self awareness (now). I’ve had many “cringeworthy” events in the public eye and several folks I probably owe an apology to. They still make for uncomfortable thoughts to this day. At some point we need to forgive ourselves for our misspent youths and hope that the folks we wronged don’t see it thru the same prism we do! Blessings bro!

    1. So So true Brother. In order to truly tell the stories of the time. I knew from the beginning I was going to have to tell some that were not very flattering. As I said in the first story of my blog, “I won’t always be the hero of the story.” I continue with that belief. I want to reflect on the good and the bad. Honesty is what I believe people want to hear, not just fluff! Thank you so much for realizing that. I’m sure there are and will be many stories that you will relate too. You lived it too! Again, Thank you for reading and your input my friend. God bless! “Go Browns!”

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