Just “a moment”

Just “a moment”

There are moments in life and then there are MOMENTS!

Sometimes it’s the smallest of things that I remember the best. Although they may be small amounts of time or just some quick and simple moment in your life. They stand tall and proud in your mind as the greatest memories. I am sure you have them too.

It was summer in the early 90’s and Cosco, Gladstone, Cosco had a Saturday afternoon outdoor show in Sodus Point, NY.

CGC was an enjoyable experience for me. I told a story about us HERE. If you haven’t read it, please do.

Sodus Point is a beautiful place, on the shore of Lake Ontario. It lives for the summertime. For years it has been a great spot for New Yorker’s to eat drink and get wet! Boaters flock to the area. They can dock right up to the local restaurants and taverns for some summer fun. Our show was on a huge deck of one of these venues.

My Daughter Annalise was just walking at the time. It wasn’t often that I had an opportunity like this to bring her to a show with me where we could actually have some fun. I could not wait to spend the day in the sun and have her watch her Daddy’s show.

I packed her things up for the day and off we went. We went early and spent the time before the show walking around the lake, splashing some little toes in the water and just generally enjoying an awesome day. Big smiles and her non-stop talking about everything she saw told me she was having a great time.

We ate lunch before the show, and I could see that all that time in the sun and then lunch was doing her in. Naptime was near.

A good friend of mine was with me to keep an eye on her when I was performing. It was showtime so I found a shady spot.

I put her in her stroller and told her, “I’m going to work now but you’ll be able to see me right over there,” as I pointed to the stage.

She gave me a sleepy “OK.”

As the deck filled with people, her little spot in the shade was being blocked from my view. I could still get little glimpses of her now and then though. Enough to know that nap time was now interrupted by the sound and all the excitement going on around her. I am sure you all know how children can be. They are so sleepy, but will not give in.

It was a perfect day and an awesome crowd. The deck was now full of people enjoying the show.

As the performance was winding down, I was mid-song when I saw what looked like the parting of the red sea! The crowd was opening up a path down the middle… down that path came my little princess… Just trucking along on her way to me…

She reached the front of the stage in front of me and raised her arms… a photo in my mind I that will never forget.

Still singing, with microphone in hand, I reached down my other and picked her up. As I held her, her head laid down on my shoulder and she was out like a light.

I could imagine that in her little mind she was oblivious to the crowd, could care less about all the commotion. All that mattered was Daddy is over there and I am sleepy, so that’s where I’m going.

When the song ended, the crowd of course went crazy.

Annalise slept on my shoulder for the remainder of the show. She never even stirred. I loved it. The crowd loved it and I’m thinking Annalise didn’t know or care what was going on. She was just sleeping.

Like I said there are moments and then there are MOMENTS!

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  1. and now that beautiful little girl is going to be married… where did the time go my brother? I read every one of these. I love them all but more importantly I love my Cuz!

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