“Blah Blah” Blog…

“Blah Blah” Blog…

I talk too much. Anyone who knows me knows that is a fact. I know it too. In my defense though I do find that I am usually triggered by someone asking about something in my past. They are usually interested because I was a singer “back in the day” and most want to know what it was like. Sometimes they hear a rumor about me and ask what is the real deal. That’s fine but I tend to go on a little long…

I have lived a very different life that most people. From childhood to today I have experienced things most people never will. My life has had HUGE highs and HUGE lows as is the case of most lifetime musicians. Especially those, such as I, who grew up in the music business during the 70’s and 80’s. I am constantly asked about those days and how I got where I was and where I am. How I got so far and how come I didn’t get farther. How come.. how come.. Indeed!

Thus! I got a million stories to tell. This is my blog and this is where you can hear me. Feel free to ask me anything and comment.
On with the stories!

Having said that:


When I decided to start this blog I realized that there would be no chronological order to what I write. My brain doesn’t work like that. I also realized that I will be talking about other people involved in my life. Although I will try to keep them anonymous, it isn’t always going to work. Some will figure it out. I’ll do my best.

I will not always be the hero of my stories. Although I won’t always be the ass either. They will be real and true to the best of my recollection. A common theme will be my thinking behind my decisions and actions. These will not be excuses they will just be the truth of why I did what I did at the time.

My therapist told me many years ago, “Jeff. You should write a book”

I replied, “Why, because it would be good therapy?”

He responded, “yes, that is why I would normally say that, but in your case I think it would be one hell of a book!”

In 2019 I believe a blog would be better than a book. So here I am.

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    1. LOL! Hope you enjoy the blog Brother Jerry. You have a blog also I believe. Feel free to comment with a link to your blog! Hope all is well.

  1. Jeff, I know of some of your trials and tribulations from your earlier life. You came a long ways. I’am very proud to say I know you and your brother. I have many fond and funny memories of the days earlier. You rock. Love ya.

  2. I’ve always lamented not having more history with you … right up till the blog idea came around! Now I’ll heave a sigh of relief, and look forward to reading some fun stories!

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