Just “a moment”

There are moments in life and then there are MOMENTS! Sometimes it’s the smallest of things that I remember the best. Although they may be small amounts of time or just some quick and simple moment in your life. They stand tall and proud in your mind as the greatest memories. I am sure you Continue Reading

“I Nodded”

Behind every successful band there is a hard working bunch of guys that don’t get the recognition they deserve. My Brother John was one of them. He was with me every step of the way. He did a million things for Cheater and myself. Those are stories that will be told! Speaking of John, My Continue Reading

Crazy Circle

1973 and 1974 was my freshman and sophomore year at Canandaigua Academy in Canandaigua, NY. The high school was so cool that they had a dance every other Friday night…with a band!! It is almost unheard of these days and it wasn’t that common in those days either. Like I said though. CDGA Academy was Continue Reading

A Tale Of Two Bands

In the beginning there was two bands, Chapter III, a lounge band playing that ever so loveable genre of music that everyone in the 25 years old and up crowd wanted in the 70’s. A mixture of ballads, country, top 40 and lots of songs with extra cheese, playing at Marvins Country Club in Macedon, Continue Reading