Jeff Cosco - Something

Jeff Cosco – Something

Title : Something
Release Date : June 22, 2006

While Cosco has strutted his vocal prowess with (many) bands…this…will certainly please longtime fans.
Showcasing his singing range within a varied stew of rock ‘n’ roll, Cosco especially grabs the listener on tracks like the bluesy, Black Crowes-styled, “Cool Water,” the inspirational, “I Believe,” where he conjures the spirit of Journey’s Steve Perry in his vocals, and on “Vivid Blue” and “When That Train Comes,” where Cosco creates a couple perfect pop songs, all melodic and catchy for your pleasure! The sole cover, of Elton John’s “Madman Across the Water,” is performed in excellent fashion, with Cosco making it his own, as he often does with any cover he performs. Check out one of Rochester’s most beloved artists!
~ Michelle Picardo, Freetime Magazine, Rochester, NY


1. Cool Water MP3 sample | Lyrics
2. Can You? MP3 sample | Lyrics
3. I’m Not Afraid MP3 sample | Lyrics
4. I Believe MP3 sample | Lyrics
5. Elm Street and Vine MP3 sample | Lyrics 
6. When That Train Comes MP3 sample | Lyrics
7. Madman Across The Water MP3 sample | Lyrics
8. Vivid Blue MP3 sample | Lyrics
9. Nickels and Dimes MP3 sample | Lyrics
10. A Singer’s Guitar Blues MP3 sample | Lyrics 
11. I’m There MP3 sample | Lyrics 
12. Who Is She? MP3 sample | Lyrics

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We Came Here To Rock MP3 sample | Lyrics

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